Stone Block

Blockchain Association


We encourage innovation, education, research and development of blockchain technologies. We support and jump-start projects.


We share knowledge, information, connect people, hold events, valorize and support other initiatives.


We empower and educate the public/private sectors that use blockchain technology and we organize workshops and presentations.
Stone Block has the vision to be the foundation of the blockchain community on which we will jointly build a list of innovations. We want to be fundamental incentive support for the further development of technology and the network of innovators.

Why do we exist?

Our cornerstone and goals are to discover, create and support blockchain solutions. We want to connect, inform, educate and create a strong community of innovators. We are committed to creating deep partnerships – within and between industry and government, to share knowledge, identify opportunities and create a digital future that is more transparent, inspiring, secure and equitable.

How do we affect?

We share, educate, support and encourage; Individuals, companies, institutions, startups, public bodies and the general public about the potential of the greatest technological evolution in history. We are advocates; to regulatory clarity so that Croatia can compete in the blockchain innovation market.

Who can join?

We offer all interested individuals and technology enthusiasts to join the Stone Block Association network. As a member, you will be able to access our events, networking, educational programs, news, briefings, job offers, legal advice, access to advisors, and participating in new projects.
Companies & institutions
We offer private and public institutions, non-governmental organizations and all organizations to become members of the Stone Block Association. The association can help everyone to explore and implement the possibilities of blockchain technologies, understand the legal aspect and have the necessary professional advice.
Mutual encouragement and cooperation is the basis of the association, so we are open to developing our relationships with all who want to be a part of the blockchain journey where we will build new projects, new solutions and business opportunities – together.
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