Arbitrum surpassed Ethereum in terms of total processedtransactions!

Arbitrnum, better known under the symbol (ARB), as a layer 2 protocol (Layer-2) on Ethereum blockchain, recently surpassed Ethereum in terms of transactions. According to the last post from the Twitter account, it was reported that a total of 1.26 million transactions were processed in per week on the Arbitrum One protocol.

These numbers surpassed the 939,000 transactions processed on the Ethereum network. The position of Ethereum as a strong blockchain protocol with the largest number is unquestionable smart contracts in the crypto ecosystem. Due to a recent switch on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus modem, energy consumption is also reduced.

Arbitrum is one of the more interesting layer two protocols, which has achieved par in a short period of time innovative solutions, but attracted a large number of new investors. Although often many projects such as Optimism (OP), Polygon (MATIC), Loopring (LRC), and the currently popular one Arbitrum is mentioned as Ethereum killers, but that level will be hard to reach.

The price of Arbitrum is currently down by 1.18 percent on a daily basis, and is now at price of 1.36 US dollars.

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