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We offer all interested individuals and technology enthusiasts to join the Stone Block Association network. As a member you will be able to access our events, networking, educational programs, news, direct information, weekly briefings, job offers, legal advice, access to advisors, identifying opportunities for cooperation, participating in new projects and much more.

We offer private and public institutions, non-governmental organizations and all organizations to become members of the Stone Block Association. With all the benefits as "Individuals" and visibility in the community, the association can help everyone to explore and implement the possibilities of blockchain technologies, understand the legal aspect and have the necessary professional advice. And it gives organizations a personalized approach.

Mutual encouragement and cooperation are the basis of the association, so we are open to developing our relationships with all who want to be our full partners where we will build new projects and solutions - together.

In addition to screening organizations, we do the complete implications of the blockchain system. We can especially help you in the process of facilitating educational events, workshops and creating blockchain thinking; for the purpose of exploring the possibilities of blockchain technologies, facilitating pilot implementation projects.

During this process, we will help you address the issues and challenges of applying blockchain technology. By creating opportunities, finding partners, professional services and consulting, we strongly encourage the growth of innovation and participation in blockchain solutions. For more info contact us at [email protected]

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