Javascript Developer

The dev team is mostly based in Zagreb, Croatia, but working remotely is fine. Communication in English and/or Croatian.

Everything we do was built in house from scratch. We love technology and we leverage it to drive changes in the hospitality sector. Immense knowledge, domain expertise and a down to earth attitude has positioned us as a fast-going company capable of competing with far bigger incumbents (like O**cle).

Server-side tech stacks:

  • Ruby on Rails (to serve the API)
  • PostgreSQL (to store the data)
  • React.js (to render in browsers)
  • Some legacy CoffeeScript and AngularJS (to drive us mad)
  • Go (to run natively everywhere)
  • AWS (to power it all)
  • ELK (to parse everything)
  • ______ (to be filled by you)

If you are an experienced software developer, capable of working on some really interesting and challenging tasks in a company on the rise, apply now!