Despite brief attempts to break through the $0.08 resistance level, Dogecoin’s price remains stagnant, diverging from the broader crypto market trends. Nonetheless, the network continues to witness remarkable growth across various metrics.

Increased Network Activity

While Dogecoin’s price has seen a 23% decline since its recent peak on December 9th, the number of wallets holding >0 DOGE is experiencing record growth, surging by 7.3% – the fastest pace in the network’s decade-long history.

Santiment, an on-chain intelligence platform, reports that nearly 414,000 new wallets, primarily containing 0.001-1 DOGE, have been added in the past two weeks alone. This milestone follows the creation of 247,240 new DOGE addresses on January 29th, setting a new peak. The consistent expansion of the network suggests potential positive developments for DOGE’s price trajectory, despite its struggles near $0.078.

Leading in Performance Metrics

In terms of performance, Dogecoin outshines several other meme cryptocurrencies, with 46.94% of its holders in profit, surpassing SHIB, PEPE, and FLOKI. DOGE also boasts the highest number of holders and traders compared to its meme counterparts.

SpaceX Accepts DOGE Payment

In a significant development, SpaceX has agreed to accept Dogecoin as payment for rescheduling the DOGE-1 Mission to the Moon. Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) CEO Samuel Reid disclosed this transaction, indicating that DOGE was used to rebook the mission after initial delays.

While Dogecoin typically experiences price surges with payment-related news involving Elon Musk’s enterprises, this recent announcement had minimal impact. This suggests a potential waning of excitement surrounding crypto adoption by such companies following previous disappointments.

Dogecoin’s Dominance in the Indian Market

In the Indian market, Dogecoin has emerged as a significant player, particularly among individuals aged 26-35. Recent insights indicate that within this demographic, DOGE surpasses Bitcoin in investment appeal, constituting 40% of India’s overall population of 19 million cryptocurrency investors.

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