Ethereum is developing a new strategy to strengthen the decentralized blockchain!

In a twist to the Ethereum ecosystem, the decentralized blockchain has announced the inclusion of a large share of the newly created “two-layer roles”, a model that represents two classes of participants, including node operators and delegators. Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin spoke on X platform, the former Twitter, to share insights into possible shortcomings of the new ones role as well as potential solutions.

While the inclusion of node operators in existing investment pools makes it easier for them to get started nodes, it represents a threat to the concept of decentralization. Similarly, there are chances of increasing the burden with a large proportion of liquid investment without actually providing sufficient uses.

Elaborating on possible roles that delegates could take "that significantly contribute decentralization and network security”, Buterin saw two aspects – the selection of delegates and participation by consensus. While delegates can select node operators to delegate to of their roles, they can also "function as a check on node operators." The ultimate goal of Ethereum is to provide opportunities to individuals who do not possess the resources or ability for investment, by actively participating in the role and consensus. The project also intends reduce the number of signatures that Ethereum’s consensus layer needs to process each time, which finally leads to a more decentralized ecosystem.

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