The Ethereum network has seen a remarkable acceptance of its Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism, with over 24% of the total Ethereum supply currently being staked. This high staking rate reflects broad confidence in the network’s PoS mechanism.

Controversial Upgrade and Unexpected Results

Ethereum’s Shapella hard fork was initially met with controversy and fears of selling pressure in the market. However, the latest data paints a different picture.

In January 2024, data from Intotheblock revealed that Ethereum’s staking rate had reached approximately 30 million ETH staked, with a staking participation rate exceeding 24%. This milestone suggests that there is a preference for staking over quickly selling off tokens.

Notably, despite the introduction of a new feature in the Shapella upgrade that allows stakers to withdraw their tokens for the first time since December 2020, there has not been a widespread unstaking as initially predicted.

Ethereum Staking and Exchange Holdings

The current amount of Ethereum locked in staking stands at 29.13 million ETH, which accounts for 24.2% of the total supply. This indicates that stakers are opting to continue participating in the network rather than withdrawing their tokens.

Ethereum’s staking rate is composed of two components: rewards for consensus layer duties and priority transaction fees. Rewards are determined by Ethereum’s transparent “monetary policy” and adapt based on the total staked ETH to prioritize security. Transaction fees, on the other hand, are influenced by network demand and typically increase when new opportunities arise.

Expanding Staking for Network Security and Investments

Expanding the user base and use cases for Ethereum’s staking rate is essential for enhancing network security, attracting new investments in Ether, and establishing connections between digital assets and traditional finance. The high staking rates indicate a strong belief in the long-term viability and security of Ethereum’s PoS mechanism.

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