HELLO Labs, a web3 entertainment company, has teamed up with blockchain PR and content marketing agency MarketAcross to introduce a groundbreaking crypto television series called Killer Whales. The collaboration aims to bring engaging and educational content about web3 to global audiences.

Killer Whales sets itself apart as a reality show where entrepreneurs pitch their crypto and non-fungible token (NFT) projects to a panel of industry experts known as the whales. Unlike traditional investment-focused shows like Shark Tank, Killer Whales prioritizes educating viewers about the opportunities and risks associated with web3 technologies.

Sander Gortjes, CEO of HELLO Labs and executive producer of Killer Whales, expressed excitement about the partnership with MarketAcross, citing their extensive experience in promoting web3 projects. He emphasized the show’s mission to combine entertainment with insightful discussions on emerging web3 trends.

MarketAcross, with over a decade of expertise in media relations, plans to leverage its network to enhance the visibility of Killer Whales. Through collaborations with venture firms, event organizers, and premier media outlets, MarketAcross aims to elevate the show’s profile on a global scale.

Nadav Dakner, CEO of MarketAcross, highlighted their commitment to amplifying the narrative of Killer Whales, emphasizing the show’s potential to drive awareness and understanding of web3 technologies.

While Killer Whales adopts the format of reality pitching shows, its primary focus lies in educating audiences about the transformative potential of web3. Participating projects will not face financial obligations, and all involved parties will adhere to non-disclosure and non-investment agreements.

Featuring industry luminaries such as Anthony Scaramucci, Wendy O, and Mario Nawfal, Killer Whales is scheduled to debut on the HELLO TV Web3 platform on February 8, with subsequent episodes released weekly. Starting March 11, the series will be accessible on various streaming platforms, ensuring widespread access to its educational content.

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