Chainlink is attracting more and more attention from investors!

Chainlink (LINK) as a cryptocurrency that is in the seventeenth place according to the market capitalization with 4.5 billion US dollars, due to its positive results, more and more it attracts the interest of smaller traders as well as institutional investors.

In recent months, the price of Chainlink has achieved serious growth. From not so long ago 5.85 US dollars from the beginning of the month, a growth of 37.35 percent was achieved, to the current 8.18 US dollars.

As for the daily trading level, an increase of 4.76 percent was achieved today alone, and it is increased LINK token trading turnover by 19.30 percent on a daily basis. Since the beginning of February, we have noticed more and more addresses holding Chanlink tokens for the long term, which currently amounts to 69.81 percent, while only 3.48 percent are addresses belonging to professionals merchants.

What makes Chainlink unique is its position as one of the first enabling networks integration of off-chain data into smart contracts. With many trusted partners, Chainlink is one of the main players in the field of data processing.

As the price of Chainlink began to attract attention, analysts gave their analysis and comments focused around this cryptocurrency. A well-known analyst and user of the X network (formerly Twitter)”docXBT” pointed out the discrepancy between the price of Chainlink and Bitcoin in his post from September 28 of this year. The cryptoanalyst, in his twitter post, emphasized that whenever it is the price of Chainlink exceeded eight dollars in history, more precisely in the last fifteen months, this led to an average drop of 22 percent in Bitcoin.

According to these assumptions, it seems that since the beginning of this year the price of Chainlink, which is crossed over eight dollars six times, launched the sale of Bitcoin. Will the same thing happen again? situation considering that Chainlink is currently above eight US dollars, we will see in next month.

In addition to the increase in the price of the token, Chainlink closed the month of September with great results and around your blockchain. One of the prominent events is the “SWIFT” payment experiment. which is included Chainlink and helped show how versatile it can be even in systems that aren’t blockchain. In the past few months, Chainlink has completed the integration of Arbitrum (ARB), and has also gained popularity as the favorite “altcoin” for crypto whales, which all helped strengthening its growth potential.

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