Solana overtook Dogecoin by market capitalization!

Smart contract platform Solana (SOL) recently overtook cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE) inspired by memes in terms of market capitalization, to now occupy the position of 8. the largest digital asset.

According to available market data, the price of the meme-inspired cryptocurrency has fallen by 16.7% over the past week and now stands at $0.062, while the price of the platform is smart contracts fell by 11.7% in the same period, and now stands at USD 21.7. As a result, Solana’s market cap is $8.85 billion at the time of writing, while DOGE’s market capitalization is $8.82 billion.

Renowned analyst Ali Martinez noted that DOGE and SHIB showed a strong correlation price during the last months, and noticed that this correlation suggests that when the price one token moves, another often follows which means DOGE could follow the rise SHIB prices.

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