Spain offers the largest number of properties to buy with crypto

According to the data provided by the analytical site “Forex Suggest”, Spain is currently the leading country in the world in terms of the offer of real estate that can be bought with digital money, i.e. cryptocurrencies. Thailand is in second place, while Portugal is in third place.

At the moment, Spain stands out in first place with 289 properties, while Thailand offers 289, while Portugal with 130, the United Arab Emirates with 128 properties, and Montenegro with 110 rounded out the three-digit figure.

Source: Forex Suggest

Despite the fact that El Salvador is the first country to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as a legal and legitimate means of payment, it came in tenth place on this list, with 39 properties offered.

Spain, Thailand and Portugal take the leading positions above all when it comes to popular tourist destinations, which include attractive locations such as Marabella and Phuket Island.

Despite the fact that Spain has taken the leading place in terms of real estate supply, it is in sixth place in the category of the most expensive real estate. In fifth place is the Republic of Croatia, where the average price of offered real estate is estimated at 94.21 Bitcoins.

Source:  Forex Suggest

If we look at the table in reverse, we can see that the lowest price of real estate you can buy with Bitcoin is in the Philippines, while it is interesting to see Portugal in sixth place. The average price of real estate in the Philippines expressed in cryptocurrencies is 15.46 Bitcoins, while in Portugal the same price is 34.50 Bitcoins.

It is interesting to note that Montenegro and the Republic of Croatia enter the twenty leading countries in terms of the number of properties offered, which is just another indicator of the quality adoption and popularity of digital currencies in this area.

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