Irreplaceable Tokens Arrive at Haneda Airport!

New benefits for travelers and shopping enthusiasts are coming to the horizon after Haneda Future Research Institute announced plans to launch “HANEDA NFT Stamp Rally” on Astar Network. This initiative serves as an introduction to the upcoming technology festival “HANEDA”. EXPO”, scheduled for November 17. This initiative aims to involve customers in innovative and an interactive shopping experience.

The company SUSHI TOP MARKETING, as an expert in the use of blockchain technology, is developed this use case for NFTs using their token graph technology. By using this technology, shopping enthusiasts and travelers can enjoy the uniqueness of collecting digital items in 17 different stores just using your smartphones.

But the magic doesn’t end there. Collecting and displaying these digital objects in promises various benefits to the respective stores. These benefits include free a drink at the bar, free popcorn, discounts or even a gift of a mini craft beer. For collectors who want to collect all four NFT items, there is an opportunity to secure original HANEDA products EXPO on a first come or first served basis.

Additionally, Mirai Research Institute and Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. are planning to launch an NFT item for users who are new to Web3 technology. This initiative aims to create an inclusive digital space for everyone. Earlier this year, the Mirai Research Institute was also successful collaborated with WebX, the largest Web3 conference in Asia, using this digital technology on the Astar Network. With this, they made it clear that they want to facilitate access to Web3 technology to everyone who explores the digital future.

Creation of the “HANEDA NFT Stamp Rally” and other Web3 initiatives on Astar Network show the potential of NFTs as more than digital assets. The launch provides an insight into this how integrating NFTs into commercial enterprises can expand customer engagement and simplify business processes. This initiative, nicely aligned with the upcoming HANEDA EXPO, promises to provide a new dimension of customer engagement and business flow with NFT- these.

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