Polygon Labs is shifting its focus towards the CDK expansion while ceasing contributions to Edge

Polygon Labs has decided to halt its contributions to the Edge platform, designed for custom Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

This strategic move aligns with Polygon Labs’ commitment to prioritize the growth of the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK), an open-source toolkit for constructing ZK-powered Layer 2 chains on Ethereum, catering to both Web3 projects and Web2 enterprises.

Polygon CDK Takes the Spotlight

In an official announcement, Polygon Labs, the entity behind the Polygon blockchain ecosystem, underscored that Edge remains an open-source project with code licensed under the permissive Apache License 2.0, offering the community broad usage, distribution, and modification rights.

However, the past year has witnessed a shift in the development team’s priorities.

Instead of furthering Edge development, Polygon Labs will concentrate on the CDK, Polygon’s toolkit for creating and launching zero-knowledge-powered Layer 2 chains. CDK has gained favor among both Web2 and Web3 players due to its anticipated interoperability across a vast network.

“The landscape in which Edge was developed has changed, and Polygon Labs now supports a solution that empowers developers to build within a (future) unified ecosystem of ZK-powered L2s.”

Polygon’s ZK Focus

Polygon Labs has been intensifying its efforts in the realm of zero-knowledge (ZK) since the start of the year. In March, they introduced Polygon zkEVM, an innovative Ethereum-compatible network empowered by zero-knowledge technology. Subsequently, the team actively sought blockchain developers to embrace “Polygon CDK,” serving as a framework for crafting new layer-2 networks modeled after the initial technology.

Notable companies and initiatives, including Flipkart, Immutable, OKX, Astar, Canto, Gnosis Pay, Palm Network, Aavegotchi, CapX, Wirex, IDEX, Nubank, GameSwift, Powerloom, and Manta Network, have confirmed their commitment to leveraging Polygon CDK.

Looking ahead, Polygon Labs envisions that chains deployed via Polygon CDK will seamlessly interoperate within an expanded network of zero-knowledge-powered Layer 2s in the Polygon CDK ecosystem, forming a unified liquidity pool. These capabilities are not inherently supported by Edge and necessitate a migration process involving significant adjustments.

Furthermore, Polygon Labs is directing its efforts toward the highly anticipated Polygon 2.0 upgrade, aiming to establish a comprehensive network of interconnected Layer 2 chains powered by ZK proofs.

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