Starbucks released a new collection of irreplaceable tokens!

On October 5, Starbucks introduced its new collection of Pumpkin Spice Latte NFTs, marking the twentieth anniversary of its iconic seasonal drink. This collection, known as Open Edition NFT, is on the Nifty Gateway and is available through Starbucks’ Web3 platform, Starbucks Odyssey, from October 5th to October 9th. Every Pumpkin NFT token The Spice Latte is priced at twenty US dollars and is available in four different flavors.

For Starbucks Odyssey members, buying a stamp comes with an additional benefit of 250 points. These points can be used to advance in the Starbucks Odyssey program 2023, but it should be remembered that they are valid only until the end of 2023 and are exclusively in promotional purposes within the Starbucks Odyssey initiative. If the user chooses to transfer or sell his Stamp, the bonus points earned will be deducted from his annual Starbucks Odyssey of results.

Members can receive up to four stamps from this particular set. Design details of these NFT-these will be revealed by October 10, 2023, before midnight Pacific time.

Starbucks Rewards has an impressive roster of 31.4 million active members in the United States States, making it a prominent player in the loyalty program sector. Their program Odyssey demonstrates their pioneering approach to Web 3.0 integration. technology into programs loyalty, demonstrating their advanced strategy for engaging a wider audience.

As part of last week’s National Coffee Day celebration, renowned artist Vinnie Hager announced his partnership with Starbucks Odyssey and revealed the artwork he created for program. Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX ) stock price during this calendar year it achieved a negative result, more precisely a drop of 7.91 percent.

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