Three Crypto Projects Unlock $320 Million in Tokens This Month!

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, three prominent blockchain projects, Aptos, Avalanche and Hashflow, are gearing up for significant token unlocks this November. Together, they will release more than $320 million worth of tokens into their circulating supply, making them the largest token unlock of the $450 million total expected this year month.

Aptos Token Unlocking

Aptos, a layer one blockchain founded by former Meta executives, is set to launch the month with the most token unlocks by value. Aptos will release 24.8 on November 12 million APT tokens, which is 10 percent of its circulating supply, with an approximate value of 172.9 million dollars.

Avalanche Token Unlocking

Avalanche, another layer one blockchain, is also on the verge of a significant unlock tokens. Namely, on November 24, Avalanche will issue 9.5 million AVAX tokens, which represents 2.7 percent of its supply in circulation.

Unlocking Hashflow Tokens

Hashflow, a decentralized multi-chain network, rounds out the trio of token unlocks in the in November by value. On November 7, Hashflow issues 160.4 million HFT tokens, which is equivalent to approximately $41.3 million. This edition represents a significant 73.9 percent its supply in circulation, making it the largest token issue among crypto projects this month.

Crypto enthusiasts and investors will be watching these token unlocks closely as they have potential significantly impact project ecosystems and influence the broader cryptocurrency market. Coming up the weeks will reveal whether these token issuances will lead to increased market activity or not trigger market corrections after significant token injections.

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