Veyond Metaverse, a pioneering force in AI XR healthcare, has made a groundbreaking advancement in digital surgery by successfully integrating the Meta Quest 3 headset into their XR (Extended Reality) 5D Digital Surgery platform. This integration marks a new era in surgical technology, improving accessibility, affordability, and overall efficacy in surgical procedures, showcasing the progress in Metaverse Healthcare.

Revolutionizing Surgery with XR 5D and Meta Quest 3

The XR 5D Digital Surgery platform, powered by AI, merges real and virtual environments for an immersive and precise surgical experience. The integration of Meta Quest 3, known for its high-resolution visuals and sophisticated cameras, further enhances this platform. Dr. Thierry Flam, a renowned surgeon in Paris, conducted successful tests with the Meta Quest 3. These tests demonstrated the headset’s capabilities in improving surgical procedures, including ease of mode switching and clear audio without the need for earplugs.

The tests also highlighted the headset’s ability to facilitate surgical collaboration and training, utilizing AI for real-time translation features. This represents a significant leap forward in digital healthcare technology.

Advancing Healthcare Access and Innovation

Veyond Metaverse is committed to making healthcare more democratic. They have achieved milestones such as performing the first successful XR digital surgery over a distance of 8,500 kilometres and establishing XR Digital Surgery training centres in partnership with RapiDiagnostics S.A. These centres are focused on enhancing surgical training and telemedicine, aiming to break down barriers in healthcare access.

Following the successful trials, the Meta Quest 3 will undergo additional evaluations, particularly focusing on its see-through capability. Upon successful completion of these tests, the headset is planned to be used in a live XR 5D Digital Surgery at Shwe La Min Hospital’s XR Operating Room Center.

Veyond Metaverse’s commitment to advancing healthcare is clear through their efforts to integrate cutting-edge XR and AI technologies like the Meta Quest 3. Their ultimate aim is to revolutionize healthcare delivery worldwide.

The integration of virtual environments with traditional healthcare practices through Metaverse Healthcare promises improved patient engagement, expanded access to medical care, and adaptable service delivery, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

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