Launching Endemic — the NFT social marketplace

We’re excited to announce the alpha launch of the Endemic — the first social network NFT marketplace for artists, collectors and buyers.

Endemic is a decentralized marketplace for digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain enabling:

  • Artists to get their work online, build portfolios, and sell art and interact with others
  • Collectors to discover something rare and unique among a hand-picked number of world-class artists
  • Buyers to invest in awesome pieces and get secure access to files confirming they are original

Now, that’s the stuff all other NFT marketplaces do, we know. But… (there’s always buts)

…while they are good at what they do, we wanted to beat that with the service plus experience model. Let’s put it like this — there have always been companies that sell laptops and then there’s Apple — who sells individuality. Or Pepsi and Coca Cola (I bet you just remembered Christmas).

You got the point.

The team around Endemic thrives to support local artists and help them leave a trace in the art world. We want to connect people around the right values, educate and encourage real-life events and networking. To make stronger Endemic local art communities in order to become one Endemic global art community.

That being said, it’s time for you to find out our main difference from other NFT marketplaces.

Connecting through art and blockchain

Commision portrait of Morgan Freeman made by Endemic artist Damir Žitko.

The main feature of the Endemic is this — users can all connect.

Remember when you looked at the picture and wondered what’s the story behind it? What made the artists so sad or who’s that old man in the pencil made portrait? In Endemic, you can ask the artist just that (or anything you can think of) and truly understand the picture that caught your eye. Especially something like this commission portrait of Morgan Freeman made by Endemic artist Damir Žitko. Amazing, right?

With various integration such as likes, comments, blogging, etc., artists benefit from deeper connections with their supporters while collectors and buyers can experience the art much better before the purchase decision. Also, social interaction between users makes the platform a place truly full of life.

Talking about fulfilling life, what is better than relaxing art exhibitions and NFT festivals? We will provide users with the exclusive right to interact through bidding and purchasing at art exhibitions in the virtual space. The thematic focus of the exhibitions will be on major global events and happenings with a socially aware and engaged approach.

You can never regret the amazing experience of an art festival, especially if NTFs are included, right? Well, we got some real life events on our mind. We plan to organize the NFT festivals in the representative space of Art Galleries.

The multi-day festival is conceived as a platform for meeting and connecting with people from the art and start-up scene with the exchange of ideas and examples of good practice, through strengthening of resources and synergy.

Endemic will have a strong stamp and impact on the local community through educational and humanitarian activities through a series of planned events in the real world.

Furthermore, wait until you see our Artwork. The Endemic curatorial team have hand-picked a number of world-class artists providing exceptional art (which is the reason we called the platform Endemic). On the other hand, local artists from all over the world get their own marketplace without large investments and software development. They can sell directly to fans, using new technologies for showing their work to a broader audience and earning more.

What’s under the hood?

Premium art station — is the NFT marketplace which is custom made, artist creator centric on quality art with emphasized and developed social network components and adapted in the crypto sphere. We are doing it on Aurora and then bridging it to Near with integration.

Endemic is a specialized project, the result of testing with other platforms, learning, improving imperfections and giving it our final touch. Along the way, we already gathered a huge community and realized that we are ready.

So, without further delay, we are announcing to you our main net launch:

Get ready

Because we are preparing exclusive and unique art drops for our community and a whitelist announcement for our governance token 😉

Join our channels and find out more!

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A bit more about us

Our team is also part of the Stone Block Association — the foundation of the blockchain community that is based in Split Croatia but operates globally. With a goal of connecting, informing and educating in blockchain, we created deep partnerships and a strong community of innovators.

The Endemic team


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